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Greensboro lawyer reports on Woman tying to Set Boyfriend on Fire

In Criminal by Greensboro Attorney

Our Greensboro law firm has heard of just about every celebration one can think of when acquiring a new job. However, recently a woman who was recently hired at Subway, took celebration to a whole new level.

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The woman just found out she was hired at Subway, and was drinking Smirnoff and two mixed drinks to celebrate. According to our Greensboro lawyer she doesn’t remember what happened thereafter. Her boyfriend apparently does, and said that because he didn’t want to celebrate she pour lighter fluid on him.

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She then began throwing lit matches at him with the intent to set him on fire.

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Our lawyer has heard it all, and though it is important to celebrate the accomplishments of our significant others, it’s also important not to over-react when they don’t get as excited. Our law firm handles every type of criminal case. Contact our criminal lawyer today if you or someone you know needs help with a criminal case.