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Greensboro lawyer gives update on Elections

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With so much of the focus being on the here and now of the coronavirus, a lot of people have lost track of the fact that we’re in a presidential election year.

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The concerns over polling places and being able to vote have provided for a movement away from polling places in general, according to our Greensboro attorney.

Greensboro Attorney

Voting rights groups have been pushing to help states with the current election systems so that people can vote remotely. Experts have estimated that if polling places are reduced, it could reduce voter counts by millions across the country.

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Some states have formed a consensus on both sides of the aisle to allow voting remotely for the safety of constituents. These adjustments however, will need to take place across the country now so that we have the resources necessary for the election come November.

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Our Greensboro lawyer has advised that both sides are ramping up efforts on both sides of this election fight.