Greensboro Lawyer finds out that expletive on Police Officer’s coffee cup was false

In Criminal by Greensboro Attorney

Our Greensboro lawyer is left scratching his head this morning.  A story that made national headlines of a barista writing f****** pig on a police officers coffee cup turns out to be false.

The entire incident took place at a McDonald’s restaurant. Our lawyer found out that surveillance video is what exonerated the employee. The manager denied the incident ever occurred at the very onset of the situation, however, media coverage instantly ensued and their objection was not heard.

Our criminal lawyer received word that the police officer has now been fired and the police chief has come forth stating that the incident was a black eye on the entire department. And all of this was over a coffee cup. A coffee cup that apparently had nothing written on it, the officer stated that the whole thing was a joke that became a lot more serious than he initially thought.

We live in a world where people’s senses of humor varies quite broadly. It’s unfortunate this situation happened, we’re glad the manager and the store owner stood up for their employee. However, if not for video evidence, what would have happened. Do you think the person would still have a job? This is a head scratcher.

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