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Greensboro Law Firm provides update on Tying Homicide Record

In Criminal by Greensboro Attorney

Our Greensboro law firm has received reports that we have had 44 homicides in Greensboro this year. There are a lot of records for our city to be proud of, this one however, is deeply concerning. This ties the 2017 record.

The previous high in the city can be found in 2007, when the highest ever was 37 people. And our Greensboro felony lawyer wonders, what are we to do?

Law enforcement is calling for a holistic approach involving communities and police together. But the issue seems to be a lot bigger than that. Drastic increases in gun violence are being seen across the county. The issue seems to be more of an American one than a Greensboro one according to our criminal lawyer.

Our law firm handles felony charges as well as every type of shooting case. We represent people charged with murder. But here’s the thing, we aren’t looking for an influx in homicide cases. The thing that separates violence and non-violence is opportunity. It’s just the reality.