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For those in Greensboro and Guilford County who use Social Media websites for just about everything, keep in mind that when things go public there’s no telling who may see it. A man was recently charged with 142 Felony Counts as a result of his Instagram Page. The 19 year old man, had a rap sheet which included burglary, grand theft, felony Possession of a Firearm, and as a result the police decided to look closely at his social media pages. Facebook and Instagram are two of the latest social media sites to be used to bring about charges as a result of picture and video postings.

On the 19 year old page, the man had taken selfies where he was holding Firearms including a Tec-9 Pistol, which is a problem for someone convicted of prior Felonies, leading to the charge of Firearm by Felon as well as Officers to look further at his Instagram page. His instagram page featured guns and jewelry which led investigators to his house with a Search Warrant. At his house they found a Glock underneath his bed, a stolen firearm and also $250,000 worth of stolen jewelry electronics and Firearms.

Investigators believe that he may have been one of several people involved for as many as 40 burglaries in 55 and older communities. He is being held in jail under a $60,000 bond.

So for those of you about to post something involving a weapon, jewelry or drugs to your Instagram or Facebook account, keep in mind the Greensboro Police Department and Guilford County Sherriff’s Department may be watching…another words, don’t put anything up that may give the appearance of Criminal Activity or you may end up on Sycamore St. with a rather high bond.

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