Greensboro Family Lawyer on How to Make a Judge Mad

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Greensboro Divorce Lawyer and Child Custody

Want to know how to get a Judge mad? Put your kids in the middle and you’ll find out fast.  Here are ten pointers to keep in mind to help you stay out of trouble.

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1. Don’t use your children to gather information about your ex. They should not be used as your personal spies.

2. Don’t give child support checks to your children to give to your ex.  That’s a big no-no.

3. Don’t tell your children that you would like to spend money on them but can’t because of the money you are paying your ex for child support or alimony.

4.  Don’t plan events that overlap with your spouse’s parenting time.  It will only create a conflict and the kids are put in the middle.

5.  Don’t encourage your children to ask your ex for permission to go places with you or do things with you without first speaking with your ex.  You are only setitng the hcildren up for disappointment if you do.

6.  Don’t discuss the divorce with your children.  They are children.  They didn’t cause the divorce and shouldn’t be burdened with anything more than they areadly are.

7.  Don’t tell your children that your ex caused the divorce.  

8.  Don’t ask your children to take sides against your ex.

9.  Don’t bad mouth your ex to the children.

10.  Don’t turn the children into your sounding board.  Talk to a counselor or a friend; not your children.

It may be tempting to drag your children into the middle of your divorce but it is tremendously harmful to do so.  Judges care about children, who are the innocent ones in a divorce.  You should too.  Put your children first and foremost and keep them out of the middle.

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