Greensboro Family Law: Prenuptial Agreements

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Agreements between you and your future spouse

No one expects their marriage to end badly. On the front end of a marriage everyone is madly in love and excited to get to spend the rest of their life with their soul mate. I think I have heard it best put like this: you never expect your house to burn down, in fact very few houses ever actually burn down, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have home owner’s insurance that covers you in the event that your house burns down.

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Prenuptial agreements are nothing to be frowned upon. They do not mean that one spouse is more or less committed to the marriage, they just prepare for the worse.

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In the best situation you put it in a drawer and never ever pull it out again.

Just in case though, it will save you hours of time and money on the back end to have one in place. Should something go wrong, a prenuptial could save you hours of mediation, time in court, and fighting over children. This could also save the children from a significant amount of emotional distress. Overall, never hurts to have an insurance policy.