Greensboro DWLR Charge

In Greensboro DWLR Charge by GWAO

Greensboro DWLR charges are life devastating.

Luckily, new laws may help individual drivers to prevent drivers license revocations and potential jail time.

The statute itself is now rewritten to feature four different DWLR charges, effective December 1, 2015 in N.C.G.S. § 20-28.

(a) DWLR (a1) DWLR –

• Class 3 Misdemeanor Impaired Revocation • No mandatory revocation • Class 1 Misdemeanor
• Non-moving violation* • Escalating mandatory

• Exposure to special


probation conditions • Moving violation

§ 20-28

(a2) Driving Without Reclaiming License

  • Class 3 Misdemeanor
  • No mandatory revocation
  • Non-moving violation***
  • Generally punished as NOL

(a3) Driving After Noti cation

• Class 1 Misdemeanor • Escalating mandatory

• Moving violation

*DWLR is a moving violation for CDL holders; **Escalating mandatory revocations

1st Offense: One (1) additional year 2nd Offense: Two (2) additional years 3rd Offense: Permanent revocation

***DWRL is a moving violation for anyone who either: (1) holds a CDL or

(2) was driving a commercial vehicle at the time of the offense