Greensboro DWI Attorney’s Caution You To Lawyer Up

In Greensboro DWI Attorney's Caution You To Lawyer Up by GWAO

Greensboro DWI attorney’s caution you to “Lawyer Up” this 4th of July!

The 10.0 rated DWI attorneys lawyers at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson prefer no one to drink and drive this upcoming holiday, but if you do, contact us at the earliest stage of a DWI investigation.

Greensboro DWIs are often charged by members of the DWI Task Force, who will be out in full force.  They consider themselves “DWI experts, and are not on your side.  So, in addition to planning designated drivers, just in case, make sure you have our number so you can have a lawyer to protect your rights.

“Lawyer up” early – it may make the difference between a DWI conviction and acquittal.