Greensboro DUI Lawyer – Husband & Wife Arrested for DUI at Same Time

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On February 7, an Officer pulled over a man suspected of DUI. When pulling over the first car for DUI, a second car pulled over at the same time. The Officer approached the second car to assess the safety of the situation and was told the driver of the second car was the wife of the man pulled for DUI in the first car. She told the officer she was waiting on her husband. The Officer, whose salary comes from a state grant to focus on DUI’s, similar to Guilford County’s DWI Task Force, smelled Alcohol on the woman. He called in another officer. Both the husband and wife failed Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST’s) as well as Breathalyzer Tests. The husband blew a .17 and was charged with DWI and the wife blew a .12 and was also charged with DWI. The Breathalyzer reading is not admissible in court. Neither of the couple have any prior DWI’s or criminal record.

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