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Greensboro Drug Trafficking Lawyers see 2,000% increase in Meth Seizures since 2017

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Methampetamine just seems to be everywhere you look in Greensboro. Since 2017 the Drug Enforcement Agency has reported that Greensboro Drug Trafficking Cases have increased ten-fold when it comes to methamphetamine.

Our Greensboro Drug Trafficking Lawyers are as a result seeing far more Drug Trafficking Meth cases in Greensboro and the surrounding areas. Drug Enforcement Officers across the country are reporting 30 to 60 pounds seizures which were all headed for North Carolina.

For Drug Trafficking Cases, the reason Meth has become so prevalent is due to quantity, purity and the price. The street value of Meth has dropped considerably and the quality which currently in Greensboro at street-level is 98% pure, those two things together indicate an oversupply and the competition in the Meth Market is extremely high.

Our Greensboro Drug Trafficking Lawyers work day and night helping clients charged in Drug Trafficking cases at the State and Federal levels. Our Drug Trafficking Attorneys will do anything and everything they can to help their clients and have been extremely successful at arguing suppression motions and working through the nuances and defense of a Greensboro Drug Trafficking Case. Contact our Greensboro Felony Lawyers today!