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Greensboro Drug Lawyer Updates Van Stop

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Greensboro Drug Lawyer

A massive drug bust was made in North Carolina just last week. Our Greensboro drug lawyer was advised that a Dodge van was pulled over around 1:15 PM for following too close. Our Greensboro marijuana lawyer was advised that the officers claim to have seen a leafy plant material on the driver’s pants and a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. It will be interesting to see if there was Body Worn Camera video to show this incident.

Also, what really was the purpose for stopping the car?

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Is following too close going to be enough?

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Our Greensboro DWI lawyer advises that there was no evidence of impairment, negating those issues for the stop. The officers found 16 cardboard boxes containing 400 lbs of marijuana. The Marijuana was in vacuum sealed bags indicating that it wasn’t probable that the odor of marijuana was coming from those bags.

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The two men driving the car have received felony charges as a result of this stop. Our Greensboro criminal lawyer was advised that they’ve been charged with trafficking in marijuana, felony possession of marijuana and a host of other criminal charges.

They’re currently housed in a local jail awaiting what they hope is someone to come bond them out. Our bond motion lawyer in Greensboro has been advised that they were given significant bonds as a result of the quantity of marijuana recovered. Stay safe Greensboro!