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Greensboro Drug Lawyer – Marijuana Lawyers Looking at Legalization

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Greensboro Marijuana Lawyer

With the recent success touted in Colorado and Washington, with regard to the Legalization of Marijuana, more than half of the states, are looking at the prospect of Decriminalizing Marijuana or Legalizing it for Medical Use per a Greensboro marijuana lawyer.

It is extremely important to note that no longer is the battle for the Legalization of Marijuana a partisan issue according to a marijuana lawyer in Greensboro NC. If you were to look at the two states most likely to legalize Marijuana this year it would be Oregon and Alaska.

With the Oregon Legislature being dominated by liberal democrats and the Alaskan Legislature being controlled by Libertarian Republicans.

Currently, the advocates for the Legalization of Marijuana are hoping to rely on the momentum that they’ve generated in Colorado and Washington to continue the push across the United States. Statewide polls are showing greater support nationwide for the Legalization of Marijuana. The President has even made public his feelings on the effect of Marijuana charges as well as listing guidelines from his Treasury Department which make it easier for banks to effectively do business with Marijuana businesses per a drug lawyer in Greensboro. This is despite the fact that the drug is still illegal under Federal Law; The Obama Administration has said it will not interfere with the States that wish to legalize Marijuana.

17 States have bills introduced which would allow for Marijuana to be situated at the same level as alcohol, for recreational use. It’s pretty clear that the main push in these State Legislatures is due to the tax revenues which have been reported out of Colorado. Colorado has reported that the taxes on Marijuana will result in 4 Million in 2014 alone.

Opponents of the Legalization of Marijuana are keeping an extremely close eye on Colorado, hoping for problems that they can point to as a reason stall the momentum of this Marijuana movement across the country.

Even the South has a couple of states that are currently looking at the prospect of Legalizing Marijuana for Medical Use. North Carolina is yet to put the measure to ballot. However, South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia are among the states considering new Marijuana laws.

A New York times poll, conducted a week ago, found that 51% believe Marijuana should be legal. In 1979, the first year the question of Marijuana Legalization was polled, on 27% wanted it.

72 Percent of those under 30, favor the Legalization of Marijuana. Only 29 Percent of those over 65 wish to have Marijuana Legalized. This is an important statistic when coupled with voters under the age of 30 growing significantly between 2008 and 2012. As that push continues there is a significant possibility that more and more states will see the push for the Legalization of Marijuana.

North Carolina appears to be holding out on the Legalization of Marijuana issue. With our state economy currently struggling, and old tobacco farms no longer operable, the question becomes is North Carolina the ideal state for not only growing Marijuana, but perhaps distribution of Marijuana across the country.

It’s clear that the tax revenues would be astronomical, the question then becomes, North Carolina what are we waiting for?