Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you feel afraid in your own home, you aren’t alone. Domestic Violence happens all too frequently. Many victims don’t realize the real danger they’re in until it’s too late. Others hope that things will improve, and live for far too long in a hostile environment. Whether your significant other is emotionally abusive, or your family member is physically aggressive, we can help you find a way out of their grasp.

There is a legal solution to all  situations. Consult the at Garrett, Walker, & Aycoth to protect you from the threat in your own home. Our attorneys can initiate a separation to get your spouse out of the marital home. We can file and prosecute a protective order to keep you and your property safe. If your children are in danger, we can seek emergency custody and get them back in your car almost immediately.

It goes without saying that domestic violence is not easy to reveal. Our compassionate attorneys have experience dealing with difficult and delicate family and relationship issues. We will handle your case with sensitivity and with a listening ear to your concerns to make sure we are framing our assistance to fit your needs.

Contact our Greensboro Domestic Violence Attorneys at 336-379-0539 to help you with your Domestic Violence situation. We are here to help. Call our attorney in Greensboro today so we can speak about your situation and begin creating a plan to help you with it. Speak with a Greensboro attorney at our office and you’ll see the difference.