Greensboro Divorce Lawyer on Celebrity Split

Greensboro Divorce Lawyer on Celebrity Split

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News sources from CNN to Fox News have recently reported that pop star Joey Fatone, famed member of the boy band NSYNC, has filed for divorce from his wife of almost 15 years, Kelly Baldwin. Fatone has caused controversy by making public appearances with his new girlfriend, Izabel Araujo prior to the divorce announcement.

In fact, Araujo announced on Instagram that the couple had been dating for four years, presumably during Fatone’s separation from his wife. Our Greensboro divorce attorneys highly recommend seeking legal advice prior to engaging in similar behavior. In North Carolina, evidence of post separation romantic relationships can be used to corroborate the existence of pre-separation infidelity.

This could be problematic for supporting spouses in cases in which alimony is at issue.

In North Carolina, a Court that finds that a supporting spouse committed illicit sexual behavior during the marriage and prior to the separation must award alimony to the dependent spouse. If you have questions, consulting with a local divorce attorney is the best way to ensure your choices don’t expose you to unnecessary risk.