Greensboro Defense Attorney’s Thrilled With New Police Canine Law

In Greensboro Defense Attorney's Thrilled With New Police Canine Law by GWAO

Greensboro defense attorney’s thrilled with new Police Canine Law.  Too often, Law Enforcement Officers who work closely with their canine partners would be separated at retirement.

Throughout the years, we have gotten to know and love those animals, and seen the bond between them and their human partners.

New S.L. 2016-101 (H 550): Authorize governmental unit to transfer ownership of animal upon its service retirement, codified by New G.S. 20-187.4, and effective October 1, 2016, authorizes a state or local government unit to transfer ownership of an animal (horse, dog, or other animal) on its service retirement to the individuals described by statute, with some conditions and price conditions.

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