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Greensboro Criminal Lawyer receives update on Steak & Shake Shooting

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Our Greensboro criminal lawyer has represented cases in just about every type of business one can think of. Whether it’s a bank, the courthouse parking lot or a fast food restaurant. But our Greensboro law firm came across an unusual story at a Steak & Shake in Greensboro recently.

Two men got into an argument at the fast food restaurant. According to our Greensboro lawyer the man then began fighting, knocking over tables as the fight persisted. One of the men then pulled out a firearm during the fight. A shot went off and hit a local booth.

The sad part is, that all of this happened on Kids Eat Free Weekend. Families were in every section of the restaurant and someone could’ve been killed as a result of this negligence. Fortunately, for everyone in the restaurant an off-duty deputy was in the Steak & Shake with his family.

According to our lawyer, he pulled out his firearm and held the man with gun at gunpoint. The man dropped his weapon and both men were later arrested. The problem is what would’ve happened had the off-duty officer not been there?

The world we live in is becoming more dangerous by the minute because it appears we have a lack of compassion and concern for others. Our society is shifting from what I can do for you? To what can you do for me? Our Greensboro criminal attorney is here for you and your family when you need us most. Contact Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson for all of your legal needs.