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Greensboro Criminal Lawyer addresses recent Human Trafficking case

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Our Greensboro criminal lawyer received a disturbing report with reference to a recent human trafficking case. On January 22, 2020 law enforcement received a tip that there was a case of human trafficking in the triad area.

The Sheriff’s office conducted an investigation and found that a man who had previous allegations of human trafficking was holding a woman against her will. According to our Greensboro lawyer, the investigation found out that the man was holding a woman in sexual servitude since 2015. Apparently he withheld her basic needs in exchange for sexual acts.

Law enforcement arrested the man this week and he was placed under a $100,000 bond. Our Greensboro law firm handles every type of criminal case. Whether it’s a human trafficking case or a sexual battery matter, our Greensboro attorney is here to help. Contact us today if you or someone you know is need of help from one of top rated attorneys.