Greensboro Criminal Defense Lawyers Discuss Entrapment

In Greensboro Criminal Defense Lawyers Discuss Entrapment by GWAO

Greensboro criminal defense lawyers discuss entrapment, as a warning to their clients.

Top rated Greensboro lawyers Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson, fear that entrapment is often misunderstood. It often seems like law enforcement entraps our clients; however, the defense is difficult to prove in a courtroom.

Entrapment occurs when a person is entrapped into committing a crime by a law enforcement officer or their agent. Inducing a defendant to commit a crime may be by persuasion, trickery or fraud. The intent to commit the crime must come from the law enforcement officer or agent, and any predisposition to commit the crime bars this defense.

The difficulty is that the burden is on the defendant, and they must admit to the criminal act. The prosecution may use Rule 404(b) evidence to show the defendant’s predisposition.

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