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Greensboro Criminal Attorney gives Axe Update

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Greensboro Criminal Attorney

There’s horror movies, and then there’s horror in real life. In a residential community, homeowners are afraid to go to sleep at night because a man wailing an axe is breaking into homes in and around their neighborhood. Our Greensboro criminal attorney is looking into their recent reports.

The man apparently comes out of the woods with a hatchet breaks into homes and steals things. He had been doing this mostly at night according to a Greensboro attorney, but now has started doing it during daytime. The man even broken into a local church recently. Our Greensboro family law attorney has been advised that local families are extremely fearful as to where he’ll hit next.

Detectives are scouring reports in an attempt to identify the man. He has been caught on surveillance video entering a house and leaving with what appear to be a suitcase of items. One homeowner said he hit their storage twice stealing laptops each time. Fortunately, according to a Greensboro personal injury attorney, no one has been injured as a result of these B&E’s.

Our Greensboro lawyer was told one neighbor saw the man hiding beside their house. They pulled out a pistol and chased him. Our top rated Greensboro attorney was told that the man has run every time he has been confronted. Our Greensboro divorce lawyer has been told that the stress of knowing there’s someone out there with an axe has put considerable strain on their relationships with spouses not sleeping as a result of this man running around the woods.