Greensboro Car Accident Lawyer discusses liens

In Personal Injury by Greensboro Attorney

If you are injured in a car wreck, you will incur medical bills for treatment of your injuries. If you do not have health insurance (or sometimes even if you do), medical providers may choose to forego payment at the time of treatment. These providers may file a lien against any money you may recover from the at-fault party’s auto insurance company.

Our Greensboro Car Accident Lawyers are very familiar the law in North Carolina regarding medical provider liens. They work hard to ensure that the maximum amount of money goes to the client. They also make sure any medical providers who claim liens have followed the proper procedure.

Your health insurance provider might also seek reimbursement for what it paid for treatment of your injuries. This is fact specific and requires review of the relevant policy language and the legal standing of the health insurance provider. Our Greensboro Car Accident Attorneys know what to look for and will give you advice about whether you are required to pay anything to medical providers or your health insurance.