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Greensboro Car Accident Lawyer addresses recent Hit & Run

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According to our Greensboro car accident lawyer, car wrecks come in all shapes and sizes. A recent Greensboro car accident involved a 19-year-old being ran into.

The 19-year-old was hit by a Dodge Charger that would inevitably have damage to the front bumper. Our Greensboro criminal lawyer received word that the person hit the 19-year-old and kept on going.

According to our Greensboro personal injury lawyer, the teenager had head and leg injuries. His personal injuries included having his teeth knocked out. His family has advised that he can barely talk because his mouth is so swollen.

Law enforcement is currently searching for the driver of the vehicle. The driver could be charged with a number of criminal charges including Hit & Run and due to the level of the personal injuries it’s possible the driver could be facing felony charges. Our Greensboro criminal lawyer handles every type of criminal case and is prepared to assist if we’re called to represent someone in a similar situation.

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