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Greensboro Car Accident Attorney

A former basketball coach at the University of North Carolina plead guilty yesterday to misdemeanor death by motor vehicle according to a Greensboro car accident attorney. Misdemeanor death by motor vehicle merely involves an infraction plus someone dying according to a wrongful death lawyer.

According to reports, she was making a left at roughly 2 MPH when her driver side mirror hit an 89 year old woman. The woman fell backwards onto the pavement and died per a Greensboro personal injury attorney. The coach felt absolutely terrible about the situation. She had a tough year as she resigned from UNC after players reported repeated racially insensitive comments to players and pressuring them to play through personal injuries.

She is the winningest coach in ACC history. As a result of her guilty plea, she received 6 months of probation, 50 hours of community service and she has to pay a fine. We are curious as to what the infraction was but would guess it was either running a stop sign or a red light. Our traffic ticket attorney continues to investigate.

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