Brain Injury Lawyer Greensboro, NC

Brain Injury Lawyer Greensboro, NC

A brain injury lawyer in Greensboro, NC is legal counsel specializing in advocating for victims of brain damage due to the negligence of others. This covers a variety of accident types, and specific incidents can vary significantly. If you have brain damage resulting from the disregard of another individual, a lawyer at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law can defend and guide you back to normalcy.

In nearly every work environment, a lack of consideration for the rules can be responsible for serious accidents and bodily harm. In fields where heavy equipment and machinery are frequently employed, safety measures are intended to be observed carefully. Bright lights, loud beeping sounds, hardhats, and high-visibility gear are used to lower the likelihood of events, but may not be enough to prevent horrific accidents from occuring in the workplace.

Injuries like this are not limited only to workplace accidents. Brain damage directly related to human negligence is a widespread problem which exists in traffic, public spaces, and at home. While some cases are fairly simple to judge, others might be convoluted and evidence may be circumstantial. Because individual events vary tremendously, it is best to seek a Greensboro brain injury lawyer with experience. 

The toll that brain damage can take upon one is massive.  As the governor of every function in our bodies, the brain is essential to every aspect of life. Background actions that you pay no conscious attention to, such as breathing naturally, may be affected. Beyond simply causing headaches and confusion, these types of injuries frequently result in seizures, PTSD, and can even alter your personality. Long term effects can include severe depression and anxiety. More serious events can be devastating and impact motor function. Mobility, memory and cognitive responses can be damaged.

Cases involving brain damage can be as complicated as the brain itself and require representation with deep knowledge. Due to the nature of these injuries affecting memory and communication, they are seriously life-altering. A career change may be forced, if the injury renders an employee no longer able to perform required tasks. Furthermore, a change in housing situation may be needed, to accommodate a full or part time caretaker. In brain trauma events, the loss of ability to work at a job is highly likely, at least temporarily. Additionally, others may attempt to take advantage of your injury and exploit you as a victim. 

Finally, sky-high medical bills may prove difficult to handle and exist financially out of reach. Not everybody carries the weighty insurance required to cover serious head injuries, and a lack of liquid funds can prevent one from receiving necessary treatment and preventing further damages.

In light of this, proper legal representation from a lawyer at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law is a powerful shield against further damages following the initial injury. If the negligence of another person has caused you head trauma, strongly consider reaching out to a qualified Greensboro brain injury lawyer.