Greensboro Auto Accident Lawyer Addresses Dangerous Intersection

In Personal Injury by GWAO

According to a WFMY story, yet another Greensboro Car Crash has occurred at the intersection of Bass Chapel and Air Harbor Roads in northern Guilford County.

This Greensboro Car Accident Lawyer notes that this particular intersection has been a problem for a very long time.  Drivers tend to believe that the auto on Air Harbor is going to veer right, and they accordingly enter the intersection.  When the driver on Air Harbor veers left, the crash inevitably occurs.

Neighbors have asked for the NCDOT to install a roundabout or some similar traffic device to clear up the confusion at this intersection, but so far, no funds have been forthcoming and no construction has been planned.  Until then, this intersection will sadly remain fertile ground for Greensboro Car Accident Attorneys.