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Greensboro Attorney updates Insurance Fraud Case

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Greensboro Attorney

A 36-year-old man has been arrested and charged with insurance fraud in North Carolina according to a Greensboro Attorney. Our top rated lawyer in Greensboro has been advised that it all started with a claimed car accident with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.

The man had told investigators that he was involved in a single car accident after he had put insurance coverage on his car.

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According to investigators, the car accident actually occurred before had gotten full coverage and at that point on had liability coverage on the car. The insurance company initially paid the claim however, after further investigation they believe he was being dishonest. He was also charged with felony obtaining property by false pretenses according to a Greensboro criminal lawyer.

Insurance companies report that insurance fraud is a serious crime and that 20% of premiums go to pay for insurance fraud situations throughout the country. In North Carolina, our insurance commissioner has doubled the number of agents who handle these types of criminal investigations.

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Thus far it has led to 1,612 arrests across the state of North Carolina.

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