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Greensboro Attorney looks into Free Groceries Scam

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People all over Greensboro, North Carolina are receiving a text claiming that if you click a link you’ll receive $175 to help during the coronavirus pandemic. One of our clients asked, “Is the free groceries from Target text real?”

The problem is that it’s a scam and hoax. The text is designed to put malware on your phone and the dilemma is it’s often undetectable according to our Greensboro attorney. The scammers then keep an eye remotely as you log into mobile banking, inputting credit card information when shopping from your cell phone, etc. They use then use the credit cards or they sell your information to someone else according to our criminal lawyer in Greensboro NC.

At Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, we understand the issue with scammers and the effect that it can have on you and your family. Be careful with some things, because they really can be too good to be true. If your phone is infected it’s best to run a malware scanner on your phone and then remove whatever they’ve left behind. We just need to be careful during this unusual time and most importantly, we need to be there for one another. Have a great day.