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Greensboro Attorney gives update on Airport Fire

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It has been extremely dry lately and a grass fire that spread to an airport caused an extreme amount of damage. The fire ended up maneuvering it’s way to the rental car part of the parking lot according to our Greensboro attorney.

The blaze, which spanned 15 acres, only involved 20 cars to begin with according to our personal injury lawyer. When firefighters arrived on scene they found 100 cars on fire. They had to use 80 airdrops via the Sheriff’s aviation department.

The fire ended up destroying 3,500 rental cars. 18 hours after the fire began they had the fire under control. Our lawyer has been told that the residents and the local businesses have all sent thank you notes to the firefighters for their efforts.

We have not received word of anyone suffering a personal injury as a result of the fire. Our car accident attorney has not been told if there were any car wrecks due to the size of the fire. At Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, our Greensboro lawyer handles every type of case one can think of. Contact our law firm today if you or someone you know needs help in court.