Greensboro Attorney Explains Frustrations With Court DWI Backlog

In Greensboro Attorney Explains Frustrations With Court DWI Backlog by GWAO

Greensboro attorney Chad Garrett explains frustrations with court DWI backlog.

“The frustrating thing,” 10.0 rated DWI attorney Chad Garrett explains, ” is that citizens rights to a fair and timely trial are violated every day.”

The backlog began with the State SBI Lab’s backlog on blood tests. “We went for years without receiving results.  Now any newer cases for trial have to wait behind those cases, some of which date back to 2011-2012” Chad states.

Other factors frustrate the court trial system as well.  Certainly lack of resources, including the appointment of a higher number experienced prosecutors and judges, would assist the problem.

“Until Guilford County’s DWI backlog of trials are caught up, unfairness reigns on both sides of the bench, for both the defense and the prosecution.  It is an issue both sides are concerned about.  For the prosecution, their witnesses may be lost, leave their employment as law enforcement officers, or simply lose the details of the incident as memory fades.  For the clients facing the charge, they are doubly punished, as the uncertainly of the result, the number of times and expense of long court appearances, and the consequences to their licenses are compounding as every day goes by.”

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