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GoRaleigh Bus Crash per Greensboro Lawyer

In Criminal, Personal Injury by Greensboro Attorney

Greensboro Lawyer

There’s a lot of things not to run into the back of, and a bus of course is one of them. A GoRaleigh bus carrying passengers was run into by a driver presumed to not be paying attention.

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A Greensboro lawyer at our law firm wonders how else do you run into a bus? Perhaps it was a sudden stop? Who knows, but the reality is the occupants of the bus were not injured according to a personal injury attorney in Greensboro.

Two lanes were closed by law enforcement as they cleared the scene and conducted their car accident investigation.

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The person inside of the car that hit the bus was taken to a local hospital but was fortunate to have no apparent signs of personal injury.

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Our family law attorney in Greensboro NC has been told that they are fine.