Getting Your Facts Straight: A Look Into Experts and Their Contributions

In Personal Injury by GWAO

In Greensboro Personal Injury cases, evidence is necessary to prove fault.

Judges are likely to rule for a party that uses strong evidence to prove an event occurred. Evidence consists of documents and testimony that prove facts; facts are important in a courtroom. But how are facts obtained in a “he said she said” situation? An attorney has the obligation to collect as many facts as possible to prove their client’s case based on a theory of the events. In personal injury, this investigation process requires the help of other experts. As a client, it is good to know that these experts are useful in convincing a jury. Experts provide documentation which in turn is used as evidence in convincing a court of law. So, who is an expert and why do you need them? The answer varies depending on the case. But at a minimum, an attorney, with the consult of the client, may want to consider hiring at least one of four experts: an accident reconstructionist; a private investigator; a human factors expert; and a nurse consultant. Each have unique contributions to strengthening the facts of the case.

Accident reconstructionist

An accident reconstructionist explains why and how the injury occurred. These experts go to the scene of the incident, obtain physical evidence, and study the surrounding area. They include road conditions, weather, visibility on that day, any marks made on the road (skid marks, dents, gouges, e.g.), and other observations in their discovery requires. After analyzing their findings, an accident reconstructionist will recreate the incident to explain why and how it happened. This is a big benefit to your case in proving or disproving your point. However, the downfall to having this expert, is the cost. Accident reconstruction experts can be a little pricy, so decide it is affordable.

Private Investigator

Private Investigators help the attorney through conducting part of the investigation. They take witness statements, partake in surveillance, and conduct interviews. Private investigators can become a witness your attorney can call upon during trial. In situations where an accident reconstructionist is too expensive, a private investigator is a good alternative.

Human Factors Expert

A human factors expert helps explain the science behind human capability and limitation. As engineers, they determine the causes of accidents, develop measures for preventing injuries, discover why a product failed, and answer why a person’s action was or was not reasonable. Human factors experts can solidity the reasons to why an accident happened and how it could have been prevented. This evidence can be very influential over a judge especially when proving or disproving a negligence case.

Nurse Consultant

Nurse Consultants help attorneys become knowledgeable about the medical field. Among other things, they help review medical records, explain medical terms, identify potential causes of medical issues, and illustrate the medical issues. These experts supplement the attorney’s knowledge and provide detail to the medical issues in the case. Nurse Consultants essential in a personal injury case where an attorney is not well versed in the medical field.

This list of experts is not exclusive. There are many other types of experts. Each with their own capabilities necessary to strengthen the facts of a case. The stronger your facts are, the stronger the evidence is and the more likely a judge will rule in your favor. If you are involved in a personal injury matter or have any other questions relating to personal injury, please visit one of our Greensboro Car Crash Attorneys who will be more than happy to help.