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Four Crashes in Four Minutes per Injury Attorney

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Personal Injury Attorney in Greensboro

Car accidents happen with some frequency in and around Greensboro, NC due to the volume of traffic we have on a day to day basis. But having four accidents in four minutes, well that’s a whole other level according to a personal injury attorney in Greensboro.

A Greensboro attorney at our law firm was advised it all started with a vehicle driving from Durham, NC to Winston-Salem, NC. A 32 year old woman bumped their car, according to a car accident lawyer in Greensboro. After bumping their car that vehicle sped away.

Their car then hit another car before colliding with an SUV. The vehicle was alleged to have been going in excess of 100 MPH.

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3 children sadly were thrown fro m the car. The adults were apparently holding the kids in their laps according to a Greensboro lawyer. All of the children who were ejected from the vehicle are in the hospital with serious personal injuries, per our top rated attorneys in Greensboro NC.