Former NBA Player…Wearing a Mask… Attempting a Robbery??!

In Criminal by GWAO

If you have the ability, talent or for that matter, height to make it to the NBA, it’s hard to fathom reverting to Robbing someone. But apparently, that is the case for former Seattle Supersonic Robert Swift. Now Swift is tough to miss and easy describe… mask or not. For starters, he’s 7’1” tall and then to cap it all of he has LONG, Red Hair.

As the story goes he and a friend of his were wearing masks over their faces and armed with a  baseball bat as they attempted to Rob a home in broad daylight. Sadly, after being arrested the former NBAer informed law enforcement that he was extremely high, and was fighting Heroin Addiction. He already had a weapons charge for a Firearm for a Shotgun he possessed for which he had a Warrant for his Arrest due to him missing court the day before Thanksgiving.

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