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Deputies make a snacky find in a Halifax County stop on Interstate 95.

A recent and hilarious alleged drug bust took place in Weldon, North Carolina, during a traffic stop.

According to reports in the Raleigh News & Observer, a Fruity Pebbles bar was seized and an arrest was made because the bar allegedly contained marijuana.

At approximately 6:35 on June 5, Halifax County Sheriff’s office deputies came into contact with a car near Exit 173 on Interstate 95.  The stop was allegedly for a traffic violation, according to law enforcement. A drug dog was called, and then deputies located marijuana and various marijuana paraphernalia.

Standard vehicle drug stop, right? But the law enforcement found a “Fruity Pebbles” bar, not dissimilar to a Rice Crispy bar – one of America’s favorite desserts. The bar was approximately three inches square.

But this bar allegedly contained something altogether special – a substance called “cannabutter,” a butter that is infused with THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the active substance in marijuana. Individuals make the butter by drawing the THC extract from the cannabis, and then infusing – mixing it – with regular butter.

There are apparently recipes on the Internet for such “treats.”

While marijuana treats, especially brownies, have been made for decades (if not longer in human history), recent legalization of cannabis in California, Washington and Colorado has created a cottage industry for such treats.

In connection with the stop, deputies cited Derrick Jermaine Priest, 31, of Saint Pauls. He is charged with marijuana up to ½ an ounce and possession of marijuana paraphernalia, both class 3 misdemeanors.

The one question is: if one eats a Fruity Pebbles marijuana bar, does one still get the munchies?

Pictures of the treat are available on the News & Observer web site, as well as the full story.