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Firearm by Felon leads to Fed Charges for Lil Wayne

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Lil Wayne, raps a lot about guns, and has had a lot of gun charges through the years. One thing about it, he doesn’t just talk it, the man lives it. Lil Wayne was charged with possession of a firearm as well as ammunition  at an airport as the gun was in his luggage on a private plane according to a criminal lawyer.

Our Greensboro felony lawyer has been advised that the case has now gone federal. Important to note, the firearm was in his luggage as a gift for his father.

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Apparently, Lil Wayne was convicted in 2009 for possessing a firearm on a tour bus.

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The gun didn’t belong to him which raised significant constructive possession arguments, however, he ended up taking a plea deal and served 8 months of a 12 month sentence in prison.

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Under federal law, a convicted felon is prohibited from possessing a firearm. Our Greensboro attorney will continue to keep you updated on his case.