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Feds Create Firearm Force per Greensboro Attorney

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Greensboro Attorney

Guns are just about everywhere nowadays. It seems not a moment goes by without a shooting in one place or another.

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Our Greensboro attorney has been advised that cities across the country are seizing more illegal firearms than ever before, including in Greensboro and High Point.

Our top rated lawyer in Greensboro has been advised that the federal government hopes to slow this process by creating a new federal group aimed at combating the straw purchase of firearms across the country. Our Greensboro criminal lawyer was told that they will create five different groups focused on stopping the illegal trafficking of firearms throughout the US.

Our top rated criminal lawyer in Greensboro has been advised that the focus is on curbing gun violence. Last year we saw a major spike in shootings and murder during the initial phase of the pandemic.

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This year, according to a firearm lawyer in Greensboro we’ve seen even more. Interesting to note is that violent crime has increased while a majority of other criminal activity has decreased. But those statistics may be skewed because we’ve had a shortage of law enforcement officers so there may be less charged crime due to the inability for officers to be in places where crimes are typically committed.

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