Explain a Crime: Greensboro Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Second-Degree Trespass.

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Greensboro Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains Second-Degree Trespass

Like all crimes, the State bears the burden of proving each element of second-degree trespass beyond a reasonable doubt. Essentially second-degree trespass, a Class 3 misdemeanor (the lowest-level crime, except for infractions), is going somewhere where one shouldn’t when the alleged offender knows he is not allowed there.

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A person is guilty of this crime, defined at N.

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C. Gen. Stat. 14-159.13, when one:

  • enters or remains
  • on the premises of another
  • without their permission
  • after being told not to enter OR when the premises is posted as no trespassing

Most commonly, this crime comes about when a person enters an area that’s posted “No Trespassing,” or when a person goes to a store or other property, where they’ve been banned.

Be careful, though: a second-degree trespass, a class 3 misdemeanor, turns into a first-degree trespass, a class 1 misdemeanor, in certain circumstances.

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