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Escaped Convict Captured per Larceny Lawyer

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Larceny Lawyer in Greensboro

The man was serving a sentence at Scotland Correctional for a Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon conviction from 2004. He was scheduled to be released in August 2025. That is until he decided to leave an off-prison assignment according to a criminal defense lawyer in Greensboro.

He was on work-release just before noon when he stole a dump truck. Our top rated larceny of a motor vehicle lawyer reports that he was previously listed as homeless before his sentence began but had ties to Guilford County.

Law enforcement was searching the state of North Carolina, when our felony lawyer in Greensboro was advised they received calls with a description of the man stating it may be Richard Mundy the prisoner they were looking for. Law enforcement rushed to the scene of Randleman Rd and apprehended him.

Our possession of a stolen motor vehicle lawyer reports that the dump truck was found and returned to the original owner. Being in prison is hard on people.

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One day in custody is far too long…our criminal defense attorney in Greensboro sends up his prayers for all of the people who are incarcerated and those who are about to have to go to prison.