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EMS & Patient Help Car Accident Victim

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Greensboro Car Accident Lawyer

A man was allegedly speeding when he lost control of his SUV. Our Greensboro car accident lawyer was advised that the man’s car crashed into two parked vehicles and then it flipped over. According to a Greensboro personal injury lawyer, his passenger was thrown from the vehicle during the car accident.

EMS was at a nearby house performing aid on one of the people inside. The patient was part of Moses Cone’s re-admission program whereby those who have been hospitalized on a somewhat frequent basis are checked-in with at their homes for educational purposes and to prevent re-admission to the hospital.

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Our Greensboro attorney was advised that that was what the purpose of EMS at the person’s house during the car accident.

When they came outside they saw that the car was smoking and someone was laying in the road.

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They pulled one man from the car wreckage and then they began to perform CPR on him.

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EMS along with the man performed EMS until they had an ambulance on scene. Sadly, according to our Greensboro wrongful death lawyer, the man died at the scene.

Our Greensboro criminal lawyer has been advised that the driver of the vehicle survived the car accident and has been charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and careless and reckless driving.