Many American employers live in fear of the seemingly ubiquitous harassment claim. Especially when it comes to sexual harassment, the media heavily publicize it, often with accompanying dire warnings from politicians and news of yet another guilty verdict. However, the truth about harassment claims is far different – of the 21,371 charged filed in fiscal year 2013, a full 65 percent were found to have no reasonable cause, and almost 19 percent more were administratively closed.

Still, potential awards for alleged victims pose significant dangers. Aggressive plaintiffs will likely push to ensure that compensatory and punitive damages are on the table. They may include a demand that you pay their court costs, attorneys’ fees, and charges for expert witnesses. With harassment cases however, there is a real likelihood that losing can systemically change your business. To protect a successful plaintiff (and others who might theoretically follow) a court will often impose an injunction mandating that you take certain action or implement particular procedures and systems, irrespective of cost or operational burden.

At Garrett, Walker & Aycoth, we will battle to ensure that such costly and disruptive outcomes are avoided. Our experience in drafting your first line of defense, an EEOC Position Statement, enables us to effectively argue for you from the earliest stages while still maintaining positive lines of communication with the investigator assigned to your case. We offer affordable representation, working tirelessly to defend our clients while ensuring that we control your costs and plan proactively to avoid interrupting your business.

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