Non-Solicit Agreements

A close cousin of the non-compete is the non-solicitation agreement or “non-solicit.” Non-solicits are often paired with non-competes in the same document in a bid to give an employer and extra measure of protection against departing employees. Unlike a non-compete, a non-solicit is designed to protect you from the destructive actions of an employee who has already decided to leave your organization, but has not yet left. Classic examples of abuses that can be prevented using non-solicits include the eager entrepreneurial employee who convinces other employees to join in a new venture or the disgruntled salesperson or manager who tries to sway customers to abandon you.

Though they are regarded a bit more favorably than non-competes in North Carolina, non-solicitation agreements must still be tightly refined. They are not suitable or necessary for every employee in every business and only a licensed attorney can safely guide you through the process of making that determination and ultimately drafting an enforceable agreement.

At Garrett, Walker & Aycoth, we stand ready to help you through the process of deciding on and implementing non-solicits in your organization. Our attorneys can combine the skill required to draft a non-solicit that is enforceable with the business knowledge to help you use it with confidence.

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