Wrongful Termination

Have you been terminated for a questionable reason? If you have, most likely your employer tried to hide behind the doctrine of “employment-at-will” – an ancient rule which allows employers to fire employees for a good reason, a bad reason, or even no reason at all. On the surface, the defense looks good, but beneath the surface, it has been eroding since 1959.

One way to attack this defense is to argue that you are not an at-will employee at all. This can be crucial because if you have an employment contract, your employer is often only able to terminate you “for cause”, which usually requires them to have a specific, identifiable, and defensible reason for firing you. Sometimes employees working under contracts also have additional procedural protections that must be followed before being terminated.

In North Carolina however, even at-will status is not a silver bullet for employers. Even at-will employees cannot be terminated for reasons that violate public policy. Victims of such firings are entitled to tort damages as well, which allow a broader scope of costs and suffering to be calculated against the employer.

When it comes to claims for wrongful termination, recent national statistics are also encouraging – so encouraging that even employer-friendly consultants have commented on them. From 1986 to 2006, wrongful termination claims have increased 260 percent and compensatory awards have increased by 39 percent.

At Garrett, Walker & Aycoth, we will cover all angles to fight off your employer’s token at-will defense and to ensure that any contractual rights you may have to continued employment are fully vindicated. We offer affordable representation in such cases and will not be intimidated by the various motions and delay tactics your employer may use to bully you out of the courtroom.

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