Emotional Affair Contributing to your Divorce

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When Is an Emotional Affair Grounds for Divorce? From a Greensboro Family Lawyer

Oftentimes clients come to us and ask about their options when they suspect their partner is engaging in an emotional affair. They are hurt by their spouse’s breach of trust and find the communications just as damaging as a physical affair. In North Carolina, you can get a divorce for any reason you would like.

Adultery in North Carolina Divorce Law

In North Carolina, spouses have the option to file for alimony based on adultery.

Whether the facts of your case warrant a divorce filing on the grounds of an emotional affair requires careful examination by a sensible and seasoned family law attorney. There are many factors that may support or undermine a claim for constructive desertion if your spouse has engaged in misconduct that forces you to abandon the marriage.

If you are uncertain whether your emotional affair case warrants filing on the grounds of constructive desertion, contact the Greensboro family lawyers at Garrett, Walker, & Aycoth who will thoroughly evaluate your case and inform you of your options as you navigate this tough process.

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If your spouse has engaged in an emotional affair, it can be just as painful as engaging in a physical affair. We can assist you in resolving your divorce and resulting legal matters in court or through alternative means of resolution. Contact your local Greensboro Family Lawyer at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth, & Olson.