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DWI Car Accident Results in Death per Lawyer

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Greensboro DUI Lawyer

A deadly North Carolina crash resulted in EMT’s being called to the scene of a car accident between an SUV and a motorcycle. Our Greensboro car accident lawyer was told that upon arrival EMT’s began life saving measures for the driver of the motorcycle. The motorcyclist was 30-years-old.

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A Greensboro personal injury lawyer at our law firm reports that the motorcyclist died at the scene. The motorcyclist crashed with an SUV and the driver of the SUV was arrested and charged with Driving While Impaired and Driving While License Revoked.

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His bond was set at $1,000.

Our Greensboro DWI lawyer believes more charges may be forthcoming. If you’re charged with a Misdemeanor DWI and someone dies, typically you’re charged with Felony Death by Motor Vehicle. There’s also Involuntary Manslaughter which is a felony charge which is sometimes charged in these instances.

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Our Greensboro criminal defense lawyer would not be surprised to see more charges brought.

Our family lawyer in Greensboro sends up their thoughts and prayers for the man who lost his life as well as his family and his friends. Stay safe Greensboro!