DWI Attorney Anticipates Greensboro DWI Court

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DWI attorney anticipates Greensboro DWI court.

Greensboro DWI trial attorney Chad Garrett is keeping a close eye on the Greensboro District Court’s DWI procedures.

Under the new leadership of Chief District Court Judge Thomas Jarrell, our district court is rumored to receive a DWI trial court starting in 2017.

This court, with specific assigned judges, will host trials only, rather than a court that combines both pleas, trials and other traffic matters.

Judge Jarrell is working with local clerks, Greensboro DWI defense attorneys, judges, and the district attorneys office to help expedite the fairness and timeliness of DWI trials, which is favored by all sides.

Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson appreciate and support Judge Jarrell’s actions and his concern for the age and size of the district court DWI docket.