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Driverless Tesla has Fiery Crash per Lawyer

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Greensboro Car Accident Lawyer

In a rather bizarre twist, investigators have determined that a self-driving Tesla in fact didn’t have a driver. Our Greensboro car accident lawyer was saddened to hear the news of two people dying in a car accident involving the popular Tesla Model S sedan. However, investigators found that no one was in fact in the driver’s seat during the car wreck.

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They found that there was someone in the passenger seat and someone in the back of the car but no one was behind the wheel.

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Our Greensboro attorney was shocked to hear this news. Tesla has said that it’s self driving ability is not able to be run unless someone is behind the steering wheel, however, multiple YouTube videos and owners have said it’s in fact possible.

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Maybe not the brightest idea but it is possible.

Our Greensboro wrongful death lawyer says that if the accident had happened in North Carolina, the families of those deceased may have a problem recovering for their deaths as we’re in a contributory negligence jurisdiction. However, it could become a products liability case, though again, they weren’t using the product as they were supposed to.

Our Greensboro family law attorney sends out their thoughts and prayers for them family of those who lost their life in this horrific car accident.