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Dog Bite Lawyer updates Vicious Attack

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Dog Bite Lawyer

Two big Rottweilers were running loose in a neighborhood. A witness saw them and told a boy to go into his house right away. Our dog bite lawyer in Greensboro was advised that that dogs attacked the boy and started biting him.

The boy’s father ran outside to try to stop the dog and he was bitten. Our Greensboro personal injury lawyer said the man then stabbed one of the dogs. Both dogs then took off running.

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The dogs then tried to surround the father again.

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Our Greensboro lawyer was told that the man fended them off and eventually authorities captured the dogs.

Our top rated personal injury lawyer in Greensboro was told that the boy was treated at a local hospital along with his father. Two other people were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment for personal injuries from the dogs.

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Our top rated dog bite lawyer is just happy to hear that no one was killed by the Rottweilers.

Our family law attorney in Greensboro sends up their thoughts and prayers for all four of the people injured in this dog bite case. Stay safe Greensboro!