Custody Checklist

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If you’re involved in a custody case, it is important to gather helpful documents to show the best interests of the minor child or children.  These documents will be useful to your lawyer when negotiating a settlement or preparing for the hearing phase:

  • Legal Documents & Records – All documents filed in court related to this case or child(ren).
  • Medical Records – The child’s files maintained by appropriate health providers, including pediatricians and psychiatrists.
  • Education Records – Attendance records, grades, test results, teachers’ notes, etc.
  • Tax Returns – State and Federal income tax returns for at least the last three (3) years.
  • Financial Documents, including Net Worth & Debt – Proof of salary, bonus disclosure, list of creditors, expenses, fringe benefits, etc.
  • Photographs of Lifestyle, Home, and Child’s Living Quarters – Display the interior/exterior of home, the child’s room, play areas, friends, family, and child’s sports/hobbies.
  • Child’s Drawings, Writings, or School Projects
  • Potential Witnesses – Describe the person’s relationship to the child and family.  How would this witness contribute to the case?  Include the contact information for each witness.

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