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Criminal Lawyer vs Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Criminal Lawyer vs Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer Greensboro NC

What’s the difference between a Criminal Lawyer and a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Now this a question our criminal lawyers are asked all of the time, is there a difference between a criminal lawyer and a criminal defense lawyer? The answer is there really isn’t one, it’s just two different terminologies describing the same type of attorney. There’s also criminal justice lawyer, defense lawyer and defense attorney to name a few.

Why do I need a Criminal Lawyer for my Case?

Wanting, needing and desiring a criminal lawyer for your case is all a matter of personal preference. Some people feel very comfortable handling a criminal charge in the court system on their own and if you’re one of those people, more power to you.

How do I get a Criminal Defense Lawyer on my Case?

The first step is to ask yourself the question, what do I want to do about a criminal attorney? Do I want to hire one? Represent myself? Or, get a Public Defender? But that leads to the question of the advantages and disadvantages of these choices and what are the possible outcomes given your choice:

  1. Represent Self – advantage is it costs you nothing but time in terms of having to be in court. For some court cases though you will need to be in court most of the time, but for others you don’t have to be as criminal attorney or a public defender can go for you. The disadvantages are having a healthy knowledge of the court system, your rights, possible defenses and everything else that comes with a criminal case.
  2. Hire a Criminal Lawyer – advantage is a criminal lawyers knowledge of the court system, the applicable laws to your case and in a lot of situations a criminal defense attorney can go to court for you. Criminal lawyers and their law firms also keep up with your court dates so you don’t have to and typically contact you prior to court to keep you updated as to when your next scheduled court date is. Our top rated criminal lawyers put everything they can into helping people in the Guilford County Courthouse.
  3. Request a Public Defender – benefit is that it doesn’t cost you anything up front to request a public defender. However, you will most likely be required to pay an appointment fee for the attorney and then you’ll pay an hourly fee at the close of the case. With a public defender you’ll typically have to show up for every court date. There are some really good public defenders out there and if the public defenders’ office has too many cases they may farm out to a private attorney that is on the court appointed list.

How much does a Criminal Lawyer charge to represent someone?

The amount typically varies and the reason why is that each criminal case has an estimated amount of time involved in order to be able to resolve the case. A criminal defense lawyer will usually charge a flat fee for representation, meaning there’s a set amount so you aren’t having to pay an hourly rate. There’s generally a retainer amount, which is the amount that it costs to begin representation. Most firms do not accept payments for criminal cases as they require all fees up front. Our law firm does it’s very best to work with people with criminal charges, and generally works with clients who need payment plans. The only time we typically require payment in full is when it’s for a felony case and in Guilford County Superior Court.

What do I need to tell me Criminal Defense Lawyer about my case?

The TRUTH! Being a criminal lawyer is not an easy vocation, and the thing we need most from you is to know what happened. The numbers of times where our criminal lawyers are working on a case only to find that body worn camera, surveillance video, multiple eyewitness accounts come forth that tell a completely different story than what we’ve been told is a bit extreme.

How can we defend against something when we don’t know it exists or that it happened for that matter? Our top rated criminal lawyers in Greensboro pride themselves on helping people, but please, tell us the truth so we can help you. We spend long hours researching legal issues with the goal of coming with a solution for you and your family, but when it comes to helping you it helps to have the right information up front.

How many Criminal Lawyers does your law firm have?

We are one of the only firms with a vast number of attorneys in Greensboro who practice criminal law. We have 6 lawyers at our law firm who devote themselves to protecting our clients interests in Criminal Court. We have three former Guilford County District Attorneys on our staff, and our entire criminal law practice is devoted to working as a team to help you and your family when you need us the most.

There’s no criminal case that’s too big for us, our criminal defense lawyers handle everything through first degree murder cases. It doesn’t matter if a petty misdemeanor, a felony, probation violation, expungement, bond motion, suppression motion or anything else under the sun when it comes to criminal defense, protecting your rights is what we do.

It’s helpful having a firm represent you with so many criminal lawyers because there’s so many different criminal courtrooms in Guilford County. If you are dealing with a law firm with only one or two lawyers, and there’s 6 – 8 criminal courtrooms in session during a given day, you may have to wait and wait and wait. With our law firm, our criminal law team is focused on staying organized so we can have a top rated criminal lawyer where you need us…in court with you!