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Criminal Lawyer updates Million Dollar Drug Seizure

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Counter-narcotics patrols in our oceans have become a regular thing by federal agencies as well as the US Coast Guard per a criminal lawyer. After a 65 day counter narcotics patrol the coast guard picked up 85.9 Million worth of cocaine and marijuana from drug traffickers per a Greensboro lawyer.

Their total haul was 3,250 pounds of cocaine, 440 pounds of liquid cocaine, and 7,700 pounds of marijuana. The illegal drugs were seized from five different vessels and they arrested 15 suspected drug traffickers. The goal was to disrupt a transnational criminal organization in Central and South America. Our drug trafficking lawyer in Greensboro has been advised that the results of this mission signify that there will be many more similar missions in the future. Our Greensboro attorney will continue to do everything they can to help those with criminal charges. Contact a top rated lawyer at our law firm today!